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Baheer Mining in Afghanistan

Pioneering Professional Mining Extraction in Afghanistan

Baheer Mining, a distinguished mining extraction company in Afghanistan, operates with pride under the official permit granted by the Afghan government. Our unwavering commitment to expertise and excellence in mining and mineral exploration positions us at the forefront of the industry.

Whether we are extracting minerals, metals, or precious stones such as Great Quality Green Color Nephrite Jade, Great Quality Lithium, and White Stone, we adhere strictly to international standards. Our operations are characterized by the use of cutting-edge technology, heavy machinery, and a highly skilled workforce deployed across various provinces in Afghanistan.

At Baheer Mining, our team of experts is devoted to the timeless pursuit of perfection. We leverage industry-best mining practices to ensure community-centered and sustainability-driven operations. Our approach is progressive and unconventional, aimed at revolutionizing the mining industry in Afghanistan, particularly in the extraction of Green Color Nephrite Jade and Lithium.

What Sets Us Apart:

100% Original Gemstones with Gem Lab Certificates. Pure gemstones with Mantras chanted on them for authenticity.

Gemstone Offerings:

  • Great Quality Green Color Nephrite Jade
  • Great Quality Lithium
  • White Stone


Gemstone Supply:

Follow us to experience the finest gemstones and minerals directly sourced from Afghanistan's mines. With no intermediaries, we pass on cost benefits to our customers, offering gemstones at highly competitive prices compared to other sellers.


Our Expertise:

As the sole mining extraction company in Afghanistan with advanced technology and a professional team, we take pride in delivering top-quality and rare gemstones and minerals to our international clientele. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the high standards maintained throughout the extraction process.


Key Features:

State-of-the-Art Technology: Employing advanced machinery and technology for efficient and precise mineral extraction.
Government Authorization: Operating under the official permit granted by the Afghan government, demonstrating commitment to compliance and legality.

Great Quality Green Nephrite Jade - Baheer Group

Great Quality Green Nephrite Jade:

Renowned Green Color Nephrites: Meticulously Extracted by Baheer Mining In the realm of exquisite gemstones, Afghanistan's Green Color Nephrites stand out as internationally acclaimed treasures. At the forefront of their professional extraction is Baheer Mining, a distinguished mining extraction company committed to excellence and...
Great Quality Lithium - Baheer Group

Great Quality Lithium:

Afghanistan's Exceptional Lithium: Mined with Precision by Baheer Mining. In the realm of fine gemstones, Afghanistan's lithium shines as an internationally recognized treasure of exceptional quality. Leading the charge in its professional extraction is Baheer Mining, a unique mining company dedicated to excellence and...
White Stone - Baheer Group

White Stone:

In the global landscape of prestigious gemstones, Afghanistan's White Stones stand out as internationally recognized treasures. Spearheading their high-level mining operations is Baheer Mining, a large-scale mining company committed to delivering large quantities of these exquisite stones to its international clientele...