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Professional Corrugated Boxes and Packaging Solutions

Baheer Group Packaging stands as a premier entity in Afghanistan, recognized for its exceptional corrugated boxes and packaging solutions. Committed to excellence and innovation, we take pride in delivering top-tier products tailored to meet the diverse requirements of businesses across various industries.

In the realm of corrugated shipping boxes, Baheer Group Packaging is synonymous with reliability, flexibility, and innovation. Recognizing the critical role corrugated shipping boxes play in the safe transportation and storage of goods across industries, we position ourselves as a responsive provider of custom packaging solutions. Our commitment to unparalleled flexibility in order fulfillment and shorter lead times sets us apart from other packaging suppliers.
At BG Packaging, we are dedicated to saying YES to your packaging needs.

Key Highlights:

  • Industry Leadership: Serving over 2.50 million clients in diverse sectors, including fruits, medicine, and food consumption, we proudly meet 95% of the country’s corrugation requirements.
  • Client Portfolio: Our service, quality, innovation, and investment in cutting-edge technology have propelled us from a humble company to a successful industry leader. Our customer base includes esteemed names such as Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Alokozay, and Bostan Subz.
  • Production Capacity: With a production capacity exceeding 10 million 4-color corrugated card boxes per month, we ensure timely order fulfillment. This capacity, coupled with advanced technology, positions us as a reliable partner for your packaging needs.

Product Range:

Our diverse catalog of corrugated products at Baheer Group Packaging is designed to meet the varied shipping and storage needs of businesses. Whether you require:

  • Ordinary Boxes
  • Food Cartons
  • Meat and Poultry Boxes
  • Agriculture Produce Boxes
  • Beverage Boxes
  • Full Overlap
  • Shelf Ready Packaging
  • Ordinary Slotted Containers
  • Corrugated Trays
  • Heavy-Duty Shipping Boxes
  • Concept Packaging
  • Cube Boxes
  • Flat Boxes
  • Die-Cut Boxes
  • Cardboard Sheets
  • Half Slotted Containers


Heavy Duty Shipping Boxes:

For industries dealing in heavy goods and bulk items, our durable corrugated boxes provide superior protection. With varying thicknesses, these boxes withstand punishment, offering additional protection in transit. We provide boxes with different ply options, including 3-Plys, 5 Plys, and 7 Plys, to meet the specific needs of your products.


Also referred to as a single row of fluting pressed between two linerboards, 3-Ply stands as the industry standard for transporting lighter goods. This versatile configuration is well-suited for items such as shoes, artwork, hats, and clothing. The 3-Ply design ensures reliable and efficient packaging.


Known as two sets of fluting sandwiched between linerboards on each side, the 5-Ply configuration excels in shipping moderately-weighted items. Ideal for transporting goods such as books, fruits, tomatoes, and beverage cans, this design ensures reliable protection during transit.


Recognized as three sets of fluting, each separated by linerboard, the 7-Ply structure is tailored for shipping smaller yet heavy products. It offers robust packaging suitable for machinery and motorcycle parts, meat, poultry, fresh and dried fruits, as well as various agricultural products.

Packaging Key Products

Ordinary Boxes

Processed Foods

Meat and Poultry

Meat and Poultry

flyersBeverage Boxes

Fruits and vagetables

Die Cuts Boxes

Die Cuts Boxes

Corrugated Trays

Medicine Boxes