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Baheer group packaging division is a pioneer in manufacturing and supplying industrial packaging & handling materials ever since it installed the first corrugation plant in Afghanistan in 2002. Baheer group is a leading one-stop-shop of eco-friendly packaging materials for a wide portfolio of clients.

With over 2.50 million clients in different industry verticals, such as fruits, medicine, and food consumption, we are now able to meet 95% of the country’s requirement of corrugation. Our service, quality, innovation, and investment in the most up and coming technology has enabled us to grow from a humble company to a successful industry
leader, with a strong customer base including leading household names such as Pepsi, coca cola, and Bostan Subz. With a production capacity of more than 10 million, 4-colour corrugated card boxes per month, we are able to ensure timely order fulfillment

Our range of products include packing cartons, Processed food cartons, Meat and Poultry Boxes, Beverage boxes, Fruits (fresh and dries) and agricultural produce boxes, Heavy duty boxes, Corrugated trays, Cardboard sheets, and cardboard pallets.

Packaging Products

Ordinary Boxes

Processed Foods Cartons

Meat and Poultry Boxes

flyersBeverage Boxes

Fruits and vagetables

Die Cuts Boxes

Corrugated Trays

Medicine Boxes