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Baheer Group (BG) is a prominent manufacturer and provider of high-quality papers and paper products, offering premium solutions in Papers, Packaging, Printing, Mines & Energy, and supplying state-of-the-art Printing Machineries. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our diversified portfolio, which caters to both domestic and international markets. Backed by an extensive Group of Companies, BG consistently surpasses industry standards, specializing in customized products tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.

At BG, our core expertise lies in delivering top-notch design solutions for paper products, packaging, and printing. We pride ourselves on integrating sustainable practices across diverse industries, ensuring our contributions commensurate with environmental considerations. As a forward-thinking entity, BG remains dedicated to innovation, quality, and sustainability in every facet of our operations, establishing ourselves as a trusted vanguard in the realm of papers and paper-related solutions.

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At Baheer Group we take pride in the production of premium quality products and the delivery of exceptional services, finely tailored to meet the distinctive requirements of our esteemed clients.

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Explore our portfolio of successful projects, reflecting our dedication to excellence in innovative design and flawless execution.

Client Worldwide
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Our clients worldwide span diverse industries, benefiting from our tailored solutions, unwavering commitment to quality, and global service excellence

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We supply advanced printing machines for efficient and high-quality printing solutions. Elevate your capabilities with our state-of-the-art equipment

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We take pride in our collaboration with a diverse array of global companies, each partnership contributing to our wealth of experience and commitment to excellence

OUR Services

With a comprehensive array of products and services at your disposal, we excel in disseminating your message and branding effectively to customers, employees, and vendors alike. Employing the latest technology, we seamlessly manage your orders from initiation to completion. Our dynamic and seasoned staff is committed to delivering precisely what you require, precisely when you need it. Our production capacity is more than capable of exceedingly well over millions of boxes, printing projects, A4 paper, and tissue paper units monthly. The following provides a glimpse into the diverse products and services we offer, and while not exhaustive, we are confident in our ability to address all your printing, packaging, and paper product requirements.


BG Tissue Solutions stands as a premier manufacturer and supplier of top-tier tissue paper products. Our unwavering...


BG Tissue Solutions stands as a premier manufacturer and supplier of top-tier tissue paper products. Our unwavering...


We're a trusted leader, delivering premium paper materials and cutting-edge printing machinery to elevate your capabilities.


BG takes pride in providing comprehensive printing solutions, handling everything from initial concepts to printing...


BG is a leading player in the paper manufacturing industry, specializing in the production of high-quality paper for...


As a distinguished leader in power transformers, we blend innovation, engineering excellence, and...


At BG our team of seasoned designers possesses the acumen to seamlessly translate your concepts into compelling...


we stand as a beacon of quality in the marble industry. From extraction to precision processing, our journey is...


BG Paper Solutions is a leading provider of precision-crafted A4 paper in 80 GSM, 75 GSM, and 70 GSM. Renowned for...


BG stands as a distinguished leader in the mining industry, dedicated to extracting and delivering mineral resources with...

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